Michelle H & Zoe Doll – The Initiation of a Maid Episode 3 – Dansel

Episode three of “Initiation of a Maid” sees Zoe Doll, in her sexy maid outfit, serving iced tea to Michelle H and Lena Love. Zoe changes out of her uniform and into a skimpy bikini to come and join the girls by the pool; they admire her, and caress her all over, before Michelle leads her indoors. Michelle has Zoe straddle her so she can finger her ass, adding a second finger and fucking her hard and fast. The maid peels Michelle’s one-piece off and sucks greedily on her tits, thrusting a finger into her pussy and drilling her rapidly while she laps at her clit. Michelle pulls Zoe to her in spoons, reaching down to finger-bang her pussy while Zoe grinds her own clit. Making the maid climax turns Michelle on so much that she has Zoe lick and frig her pussy, two fingers searching for her G-spot, the redhead bucking and thrusting against her maid’s hand as she orgasms again. The maid is learning fast!



[MetArt] Viv Thomas – Michelle H & Zoe Doll



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